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Mary Ann T. Padilla
Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Good day sir!

Your artworks are really overwhelming in my eyes. Really look great like real images. You should be recognized as well like our famous artists because of your marvelous art creations. You're inspiring by your site, especially your testimonies and lively paintings. Good job sir. Thanks for this site. God bless.

Truly yours,
wesley paguio
Wed 16th September 2009

Accidentally saw your work and they are great considering you have no formal training in fine arts painting. I am a filipino an artist like you trying to break in the art world in the states. Keep it up. Hope we can exchange ideas. Right now I work as a background painter in the animation industry here in Los Angeles. Who knows i might see you someday in the Netherlands. God Bless.
neil hortillo
Fri 21st August 2009

nice paintings. i'm impressed.
Ferdinand Collado
December 26th, 2008

Hi Brod,

We are very proud of you. Keep it up.
Armi Oliver Farinas
Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Aloha Manong VJR,

Magnificent! Site, arts and the artist--real extraordinaire!

I am so proud to have a Magsingaleno like you manong. I love your "Race Against Time" painting. I love horses and more on how you painted them--so meaningful, so powerful to me!

My 3 boys love your art works, too. They are aspiring artists, too. Hope someday that they will be good like you manong.

Aloha, more power and more blessings.

Hannah Dacanay
Monday, September 29th, 2008

I admire all you're paintings and drawings.

Last year I won 3rd place in the art contest .

My medium in painting and drawing:
I use oil paint for the first time but our head teacher said Ihave a great start and i use charcoal.

I have outstanding in art subject and last year I was awarded again as BEST IN ART CLUB. and now i was one of the chosen people to join art for the gifted(it is a club)even my dad is GOOD IN ART. THANK YOU I ADMIRE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!

=)=D Hannah Dacanay
Carlynne Kay
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

wow a true artist! I also love to draw and im not a fine arts student either. Anyway, I love your works. Thanks for the inspiration. =)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Hello Vic,

Just got time to visit your link and so grateful to find that my friends / colleagues Sym and Ed Lantin are in your site.

So wonderful to remember my old friends. It is just overwhelming about knowing once more how these great artists are.

Way back home to our Country, I still remember those good days we have had during the shows of different artists in Manila Galleries.

Kindly extend my best wishes to them but, of course you get the most.


Grandier Bella
December 10, 2007

Very nice site.. superb works.. and most especially, I love your essays. Very well written.

I guess artists like you are needed here in the Philippines. The proliferation of "fine artists" here, degree holders at least, can't even draw decently. The modern theory of art is widely espoused in art schools here. Unfortunately, the academic, classical methods of painting are summarily rejected as an "obsolete" style... resulting to graduates who're not fit to be called fine artists. At best, I consider them craftsmen with diplomas.

I just am relieved to find a fellow Filipino who's still interested in realism, and who can also logically defend his stand as well.

Good luck and more power!
Manny G.
April 15, 2007

Hi Vic,

God bless you! Your paintings are great and quiet interesting. As i read your testimony, I was inspired to write you since i learned paintings by a miracle. i was a Cristian missionary in Romania for the past ten years. We live by faith and financial matters are always difficult.It\'s good in a way because that will really exercise our faith in God. Anyway i had been helping homeless people in Romania and it happened that one of them was the best oil painters in one of the academy of arts school in the country. In short it happened that somebody gave me oil paints and just told me Manny paint!Ha! With the encouragement of the other artist in town i slowly discovered that i could actually paint. Thank you Jesus! After painting for 4 years, we were blessed and sold about 35 paintings in Romania and Switzerland. I\'m a filipino married to a Swiss, our son was born in Thailand. We had been working in Romania for 10 years and presently staying here in the Philippines.

OK, anyway just want to drop this message and May God bless you and keep you and make you a blessing. I would like to meet you if you have time.

pray for you,

April 4, 2007

......schone schilderijen
Richard Urmenita
March 28, 2007


Your work is marvelous. Do you remember when you used to sketch on scratch paper back in 6th grade? You are truly blessed.

Rick U.
January 20, 2007

I really appreciated and loved your works of art... Your website has been a great inspiration to pursue my dreams! Wish your efforts will continuously inspire all Filipino aspiring artists like me...
May 6, 2006

After browsing at your work of arts and academic achievements, my heart overflowed with happiness because you added to those Filipinos whom we could be proud of. I salute you and your chosen wife on your road to continuous success in life.

Very truly yours,